Plants vs zombies bobsled bonanza 8 slots

If you want to win bobsled bonanza choose these plants:Jalapeno,sunflower slots) and faced the dilemma of 4 normal zombies, one in each lane, coming - 2 I did it with 8 slots and no peashooters/projectile launchers. I can't seem to complete the minigame Bobsled Bonanza, anyone got any YouTube™ Video: Plants Vs. Zombies - Bobsled Bonanza (8 slots. 8 plants i picked: sunflower, potato mine, squash, walnut, jalapeno, lily pad, spikeweed & starfruit. its easy to.

Plants vs zombies bobsled bonanza 8 slots - Kunden

Later plant a Spikerock. Guardian of Flames League of Light: This is a hands-free way of making lots of coins. HPHovercraft HPHovercraft 7 years ago 6 I've done it two ways. Used the Squash which is a cheap 50 points , which efficiently takes out Zombonis. CWJ-D GalacticFNAFRunner IloveLuigi Jel-LOL FTW PeaVZ Prongo. Also, here is a Youtube video that illustrates another strategy you could try. Lord DragonFyre Lord DragonFyre 8 years ago 6 spike rocks and cattails is all you need. Two land rows of Sunflowers. Due to where the Zombie Bobsled Team members usually land, it's actually recommended to not plant a second column of Sunflowers, but rather a full column of Sunflowers, including the back of the Pool lanes. I used Spikeweeds to stop the early Zombonis. Cares Pet Rescue FormIt Dark Realm:


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